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Fellow deep thinkers, I introduce to you Season 2 of DMT! This is just the intro to the season. The next episode is to be published soon. Keep up to date on as I will be posting when the next episode will be up as well as when the soon to come and highly anticipated episode in which I will be featuring one of my coworkers, an average normal person who has a lot to say on a lot of different topics. Well discuss some controversial topics and explore some intriguing ideas together on the show to add another dimension to DMT, one we have all been waiting for. Listeners I have returned after a long break, taking some personal time off to evolve my thinking style and grow as a person. However I aim to continue Deeper Meaning Time as I have a lot of new information to discuss with you and others who I will be featuring on my show. Listeners your constant support is appreciated as we grow this show and as we move on to video podcast episodes!
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Ladies and Gentlemen I give you Deeper Meaning Time. Your guide to insight, knowledge, and inspiration that will keep you thinking throughout your every day. Through our conversations to come, we will uncover some of the deepest meanings time has to offer. That is the goal here, to seek out those crazy thoughts that most of us have and do nothing with. Thoughts that maybe could one day become reality. No matter whether or not you agree with me or think I’m crazy or out of my mind this is just about understanding the world around me and making a discussion of my own thoughts. What the idea or thought is you might have, each one is important and is the step towards a greater understanding of the life that surrounds us and continues on for all of us indefinitely as we race through our universe through time and space.
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