Episode 14 – Project Blue Book – J Allen Hynek – Lubbock Lights -Why Do They Visit? – Global Warming

Today we discuss the new History Channel show Project Blue Book starring Aiden Gillen from Game of Thrones and touch on the episode about the Lubbock Lights, a well done episode and a bit of information I had not yet heard. We discuss J Allen Hynek and his involvement and roll within Project Blue Book as well as discuss Project Blue Book and its entirety. On DMT one of our favorite topics is aliens and ufos. Today I will discuss with you also my thoughts on why ufos are visiting us what they might be, who might be in them, and what to do about it in the near future. Like I like to say, the future is ours but we have to do something with it, especially after the paper was recently published on the Thwaites Glacier in Antarctica and its Manhattan sized hole that has melted its way and continues melting this massive glacier till it raises sea levels drastically, so we will be discussing the outcomes and the reasons for needing a different means of power generation due to constant pollution.
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