Episode 15 – Pole Shifts – The Adam and Eve Story – Global Catastrophes – Ancient Civilizations – Moon Base – Monument for the Future

I’M BACK! and today we discuss briefly, The Adam and Eve Story as well as the global catastrophes that humans and creatures on Earth were greatly affected by and rewrote society to be as we see it today. We discuss the ancients that existed during, before, and after the global cataclysm of 12000 years ago as well as the widely talked about pole shifts of the Earth which we are overdue for currently and will see in the future. Will we be prepared? Perhaps we need to create a monument or a structure that will last thousands of years to ensure that whoever is left on the Earth can get a head start. All the while perhaps the government wants to build a moon base just so they can escape to it when the day comes that there is a global catastrophe. Stay tuned for more Deeper Meaning Time coming up!
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