Episode 12 – UFOs, UAPs, Worldwide Government Involvement w/ UFOs – Project Magnet, Op.Plate, & More

Fellow deep thinkers today we will discuss an array of different government involvements with UFOs, UAPs, across the world from France to Russia to Canada and Brazil to the UK as well as our very own country the US. The US of course has probably double the amount of black budget secret UFO projects than any other country. Three particular events that we will discuss in this episode are, the founding of the Robertson Panel, the Brookings Report, and the Estimate of the Situation. Three important events that may shape the future of our country if we were disclosed the information that was discussed within these groups and reports. Disclosure is coming in some form it seems but without extensive research into our past experiences with the UFO subject its hard to feel confident that our government has the peoples best interests in mind. In my mind the government hasn’t considered the general public since the civil war. When will we stop letting the government make decisions for us?

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Luis Elizondo CNN Interview: https://youtu.be/-2b4qSoMnKE

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