Thinker Series Episode 16 – Motivational Lecture – Experience, Idolizing, Influencers, BE SOMETHING!

This is a special episode of Deeper Meaning Time – A Motivational Lecture and we will be bringing more of these to you listeners! If you enjoy this episode and want to here more motivational lectures, go to to comment on the latest episodes in the Your Future page.
Today is about living your best life now, but yet so many people use the internet to watch and keep up with some of their favorite people online, whether they’re youtube stars or up and coming artists it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you have the ability to understand that you can be just as great or better than the person you idolize. That you could have that mansion, you could have that record deal, you could have that movie role but you choose not to. Fine. But you cant complain when someone has it better than you. That’s all I hear anymore. People upset because they haven’t worked for anything but expect so much in return for nothing, unlike the people at the top who have worked their lives to get where they are. You don’t see those at the top online watching and paying attention to everyone else, no they have focused in on their life and have achieved exactly what they wanted. Why cant you do the same?
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Ladies and Gentlemen I give you Deeper Meaning Time. Your guide to insight, knowledge, and inspiration that will keep you thinking throughout your every day. Through our conversations to come, we will uncover some of the deepest meanings time has to offer. That is the goal here, to seek out those crazy thoughts that most of us have and do nothing with. Thoughts that maybe could one day become reality. No matter whether or not you agree with me or think I’m crazy or out of my mind this is just about understanding the world around me and making a discussion of my own thoughts. What the idea or thought is you might have, each one is important and is the step towards a greater understanding of the life that surrounds us and continues on for all of us indefinitely as we race through our universe through time and space.

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